Launch Release of Talisman Suite VI

Launch Release v6.8.222

A Journey

A Journey

The final development phase for the Talisman Suite VI application is now complete, the software has undergone a GUI update for the Tarot, Runes and the Iching. The tutorials can all be accessed from the sites downloads page. The program now has an integrated auto backup for the database when the application closes, it also has a new output setting save facility that remembers your output preferences for both the Tarot and the Runes.

Download:  Talisman Suite VI v 6.8.222 Launch Release

The Graphics are still under development and will be complete by the end of next month. The graphics were put on hold to complete the final build of the new interface testing and development. The help videos are the final proof of functionality and stability of the application.

Its been a bit of a trek and a long and winding trial. It is free for the user to use as they see fit as long as they don’t sell it, include it in a commercial down-loader and it is for a single user only. A site license is needed for a phone-line business.

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Current Update

New Runes

The Unknowable

The Unknowable

The final composition stage of the New Runes for the Talisman Suit software is under way, the first eighteen are now complete and the final seven will be finished tonight, the final renders will be finished by Saturday  fourteenth, this will make the development more than fifty percent complete with two months still on the target deadline.

This failed render is a little taste of the final sets disposition.

The remaining art sections to be completed are the  New IChing these are already out of the modelling stage , and will be in final composition last in the development, the next in line is the fourth suit of the Tarot, the Staffs these are as yet some still in model development and some in composition, then the Major Arcana will be finalised, some of these are complete, The Lovers, The Star, The Sun, The World and some are still being composed, while the biggest majority are still in early modelling stages.

Download links are in the previous post, just a click away.

Watch this page for updated reports.

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The Final Release v6.7.8

Ace of SwordsThe final release of the Talisman Suite VI is now available from the ImaGenIsis site, the software is now fit for purpose. All the last updates have been done. Use this FaceBook link to follow the Talisman Software user base.

The only time that this software will be updated in the future is possibly to allow you to store your output settings in the windows registry to save you from having to either accept the defaults or to allow a bigger range of default options, e.g. ‘header and text’ no images, ‘positions pics and card’ no header notes or stats. This one click ability is a good suggestion, but as the software is now being developed as an online hosting app for the Tarot, Rune reader to use for their business. This update will only be undertaken by public appeal from a large portion of the stand alone user base. The only other update suggestion was for an auto backup facility to back up/restore the database in suite, again only for a large enough user-base.

Downloading and installing is simple the main program Final Release is in a zip file that is less than seventeen megabytes in size not even the size of a large jpeg file. It should download in under a minute. The update contains a database restructure and will require a new full installation it’s about twenty-three seconds downloading time on an average broadband connection.

Download Final Release Talisman Suite VI v6.7.8

Remember to keep an active copy of your client list as you will need to input it again, any database changes you have made to your copy will have to be entered again.

Once you have downloaded the zip, remove any previous versions of the application,  including the database (Talisman.mdb) and backup your images, file copy them to a safe backup point, remove the application and then install the full release version to the standard settings, any prompts to keep or replace any ocx’s(§). If you have changed the images then copy out the Images folder to the safe backup and then you are ready to proceed select start/control/add remove programs from the start menu, remove the Talisman Suite VI application then, unzip the ‘Final Update’ zip and run the set-up program, to install the new application.

‘The installation programs sets the program and all its files up on your hard drive, the only hiccup that I found was the over writing of any resident ocx’s, the installer will prompt you to keep your existing ones, a windows default, if you do your calendar picker may not work for quick inputting dates in the Biorhythms app. If you wish to have this and not have the program refuse to install, then select ‘no’ to keeping existing ocx’s.’ 

Once you have installed the program, then copy your images back to the installed directory overwriting the newly installed ones. This whole process should take no longer than three minutes on a medium speed PC.

Now you are ready to continue where you left off. All users old and new must use this version of the update. The database has been changed to allow the user to select a single rune and to output the single rune for a client. This oversight was just brought to my attention and I apologise to anyone that has added their client list to the old database as they will have to re-enter their list in this new database. This is the last update before the graphics release in Jan or Feb next year. The software is fit for purpose, the blogs are in place the Facebook page is active just subscribe to it or follow. The Web site is limited but functional and the links all work, the blogs can download the software and it is all free.

This program was developed to help me become a better reader, to learn the cards and meanings and to practice readings. It has been a random user development for more than ten years, while the professional development began in earnest in 2009-2011, the statistical analysis was a very recent addition and was developed from my own style of reading.

The Latest development of the program was to bring my personal app up to an industry standard application with client tracking, good output for emailing, storing readings and being able to retrieve them if needed. The Statistical Analyser is a trends analysis tool that looks at the underlying trends behind the surface reading to allow the reader to see (the backs of the cards show upright/reversed and the Major and Minor settings so before the cards are turned you are interpreting the trends from the numeric analysis of the cards numbers, and then from the front you can continue to evaluate the pairs, triples, four and five of a kind and their positive and negative trends, the rest of the analysis gives a breakdown of the upright and reversed cards and their distribution in the spread.

Reading the cards there is no substitute to having a deck of cards, a bag of stones or the hexagrams to get the feel of interaction with the client and the medium you use to read for them. The reading is then put into the application and stored to that client on that day at that time when it is saved. The output was developed as an email confirmation of the reading, but your business you run it your way.

The application can be run by keyboard short-cuts and is a tool for reading, the built-in tutor and the ability to use client zero as a practice reading generator, gives you the ability to hone your skills with practice before getting into the client direct arena, this should help you find out what your start skills are and this should give you a good indication of what you might be able to achieve with practice. All the presentation output tools are to help you engage with the client in a formal way.

I hope that this program brings you lots of steady business and that you elect to support this unemployed developer bring my business to the web, my business supporting your business supporting m….

Ah yeh get whit a mean eh man. Aw the best fir the holidays and may yeh prosper in the New Year.

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Release 02

Service Release 02

Ace of SwordsThere is an issue with the present release not showing the position information under the cards in layouts over ten cards, horoscope past present and future and The Elements. This will be fixed in the next update Sat 30th or Mon 2nd.

There is an update to the program going on at the moment, the first stage is to allow you to select the editor facility to just load previously output client readings, this has been placed in the clients menu selection labelled Editor. The second is that the editor outputs the meanings from the database without exception, a new control panel is being developed to give you greater control over the layout of the output document:

  1. Quick selection output, normal (default) and normal with no meanings showing
  2. Placing the layout statistics at the top of the document (sub header) or at the foot of the document.
  3. The ability to omit the header, images, meanings, statistics and notes by individual selection.

Remember not to download the complete installation again just the service release with the application executable in zip format from the downloads page it will be added to the site this weekend Monday at the latest.

This update will be included in the error fix release this weekend. Watch this blog for the release conformation and with links on screen to download the update from.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Talisman Suit VI




Talisman Suite VI – Sartup

Ace of SwordsPlease subscribe to this blog so that I can get an approximate figure for the user base for the Talisman Suite, and to add comments (program errors etc) so that I can address any of the issues. No email correspondence will be entered into except for site licensing for telephone readings see application readme.rtf for complete details.

The Program is freeware for single user release, one person one copy for business or personal use. A site licence will be required for multiple installations and a full corporate telephone reading service.

This blog is the main information area for the Talisman Suit, all program updates and graphics information can be found here. The site is a gateway to my personal blog and each of the sub sites Talisman etc. will have their own blog sheets.

This blog will only be updated as a reporting means to let you know the stages of development that the Talisman Suit is under and any revision changes that are current for downloading.

It is also a gateway to the graphics that will be included in the registered version of the program.

The Tarot is the only program that has not got a full deck included as for my own personal copy of the program uses a scanned set of images from my Rider Waite deck all the help files and tutorials use this deck to show the application in action.

The three suits that are complete are shown here:-


The present construction is underway on the final suit, Staffs this has just reached the final stage of the object build level of development and is about to go into composition.

All the objects in this development have been built using a freeware program called True Space 7, The final graphics are being composed in another freeware program called Bryce 7, the image retouching and layering is being done on yet another freeware program  ‘Paint.Net’ that outputs into various file formats including Photoshop. This is a rudimentary art package but it does cover all of the basics needed for photo retouching and basic graphics entry.

ImaGenisis Logo

The ImaGenIsis site is the main gateway to the Talisman Suit application. This site is under construction and will be fully on-line by the end of the year.

The site will have the main home page, a list of all the blogs including this one with links to them so you don’t have to log in to get the latest information. You can access the blogs from the main area and then make a favourites link to the blog for future use.

Full Banner V

The Talisman Suite is a VB6 development and is a freeware program, the main information is stored in a MS Access database (Talisman.mdb)and will hold the client specific information as you build it, so back it up regularly. The database is password protected for security for your own personal information, Tarot meanings and graphics images (editable), Rune meanings and graphics information (editable) as well as the IChing meanings and graphics information (not editable), it is also the main store for the client readings as well as their personal information.

The present revision of the program is complete and will only be amended through feedback from you the user. It can be downloaded from the Talisman sub site downloads page. Once you have downloaded the full program after that you need never re-install the full application again, doing this will replace your personal copy of the database and will wipe out your clients and meanings if you have customised the application. All updates will be just made to the main application executable file and can be found in a zip file, please read the readme.rtf file for revision specific information, just open the zip in an un-zipper program (plenty freeware ones out there) and unzip into the install directory e.g. ‘C:\Program Files\Talisman Suite VI’ and replace the existing application file.

The registration process will not be implemented until the site is fully operational and only then when all the new graphics are complete, after all what use is a deck without all the suits.

The current development for the graphics are that all of the objects for the new Runes, IChing and Tarot are complete and ready to begin assembly, the three suits, Cups, Coins and the Swords are complete and being polished for presentation in Jan-Feb next year. The main delay is the rendering time for each image which depending on materials used on the objects can be anything from three minutes (very rare) to over an hour for each image.

My computer is on its last legs and the graphics card and memory are showing distinct problems, but I will persevere until the job is done.

Please keep checking back for the latest information, a new article will be added for each revision, or just to inform you of the progress stages and any delays or improvements to the estimated release date and site completion dates.

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